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Access and security in Kaunas (Lithuania)

Result description:
The measure concentrated on the provision of public transport information, including a website and improvements to stops and shelters. During the implementation of the project, 367 new bus shelters were provided in Kaunas and approximately 1300 cylinder type cases for public transport timetables. All newly implemented bus shelters have information stands for Kaunas public transport route maps. Public information took many forms, although we were particularly proud of the innovative ‘Transport Routes and Tourism Sites’ map we produced.

This proved to be so successful with tourists and visitors that we ordered extra copies for inclusion in a glossy Kaunas Tourist Book and advertised the fact on the front cover! We are also pleased with the colour route map installed on all buses and trolleybuses, with public comments posted on the website particularly welcoming this innovation. Other formats included stickers on buses and trolley buses advertising the public transport website and the production of a CD promoting the improvements to our public services throughout the VIVALDI years - this was used at an international business expo in Kaunas in the summer of 2005. Public transport website pages ( on Kaunas public transport were created and are updated (technically through the PIKAS system, and in other ways through public feedback on its usefulness and relevance).

The new website was launched in May 2005 and has since generated around 130,000 hits - this equates to approximately 700 hits per day, over 5,000 per week and some 21,000 per month. It became possible to obtain information on public transport by SMS message from spring 2005, however there is currently no statistical data on the number of people using this service.

Who are the end-users of this result?
All users of the public transport, but with a particular emphasis on disabled users.

Main innovative features/benefits (technical/commercial success factors)
- PIKAS public transport management system and the way in which it produces easy accessible timetable information that can be directly linked to the public transport services information website.
- Circular information holders designed for the information provided by the PIKAS system
- Transport route map with key tourist sites of interest on it - a first for Lithuania! Market or application sectors & potential applications Access and Security Improvements are closely connected to the ‘New Public Transport Services’ measure via the PIKAS system, which is the traffic management programme.

The PIKAS system allows better coordination of public transport services. In highlighting gaps in service provision, it helps to provide information that is used to improve public transport services. It is also an integral part of our commitment to improved communication with the public through the ‘real time’ timetable information on the website.

The project has focused us to explain to external designers and marketing companies exactly what message we would like to communicate to the public in new sources of information and in the production of our Transport Services promotional CD. Future plans involve increasing our public transport information services through the mobile telephone network by improving the provision of SMS information service. Potential barriers VIVALDI helped to obtain other EU funding through the EBRD for the purchase of a new fleet of SOLARIS Euro III auto buses for the city. These buses have drop floors and ramps to allow easier access for disabled users as well as for people with pushchairs or prams and elderly people. The buses also use low emission fuel (euro 3) and are much more comfortable for the users (and drivers!).

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Kaunas City Municipality Transport Division
Sv. Gertrudos g.7
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