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Development of polymer materials for emission in the visible with high efficiency and high switching speeds, facilitated through high charge mobilities

Merck developed copolymers containing emissive comonomers and charge transporting comonomers. The emissive and charge transport properties were quantified, and an ability to balance these properties through the appropriate selection of comonomer ratios was demonstrated.

Based on the naphthalimide moiety which has a maximum emission at around 530nm and taking advantage of the Förster energy transfer process, TRT-France has developed three fluorescent side chain polystyrenes which emit in the green, the yellow and the red. For the green emission, the best candidates are the polystyrene functionalised with a bulky naphthalimide group (PST-NI) and this homopolymer doped with 1.5% of quinacridone. Quantum fluorescence yield as high as 65% in the solid state are thus obtained. Copolymer derived from PST-NI and grafted with 5% in mole of DCM has led to a yellow emission (lem = 578nm) with quite high PL quantum yield (58%). Finally, introduction of 1% in mole of perylene imide in PST-NI gave rise to a red emission with a PL quantum yield of 35%.

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