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CAFETIERE ontology-enabled knowledge extraction system

The CAFETIERE analysis system does information and knowledge extraction by the application of patterns defined over multiple layers of analysis of a textual document. A distinguishing feature is that it is closely coupled with an ontology management system, such as PS-NKRL (developed by Wordmap in the project) or Protege. The system is designed to extract facts as well as information about domain terms, entities and relations between them. Because of the ontology grounding, the extracted entities are represented not by text strings but as knowledge-based instances, allowing other facts about them to be accessed via textual annotations.

The system is supported by an annotation browser and editor, which can be used either to validate the automatic analysis of a document collection, or to build up a corpus of training data usable for the construction of a specific knowledge extraction system.

Reported by

University of Manchester, School of Informatics
Department of Computation, PO Box 88, Sackville Street
M60 1QD Manchester
United Kingdom
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