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Evaluation framework

The evaluation framework built up for the Parmenides system as a whole is intended to be re-usable for evaluating other systems for revealing information or knowledge from large amounts of data. Reflecting the complex nature of the Parmenides system itself, the framework will include a number of evaluation methodologies for different components of the system which could be applied to "simpler” knowledge discovery systems, for example information extraction, term recognition or ontology building as well as for the most complex data and text mining systems which may subsume these processes.

Whilst some of the methodologies for evaluating the more established technologies, such as information extraction, are largely based on current general practice, other parts of the framework will be more innovative. An example is the user-oriented evaluation of temporal data-mining where, although a considerable amount of work has been done in diagnostic and progress evaluation by developers, the development of user-centred evaluation methodologies for this and related technologies is still in its infancy.

Currently, draft versions of these methodologies have been produced which must be applied and validated once stable versions of the Parmenides software are available. These methodologies can then be made available all interested players, developers, users and evaluators after the end of the project.

The benefit of such an evaluation framework will be to ultimately increase the take-up of these technologies based on realistic understanding of real user requirements (on the part of developers) and the realistic potential of the technologies (on the part of the potential user).

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