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Relative ordering tool

The relative ordering tool (ROTE) was designed as a support tool in the evaluation process in the Parmenides project. It supports users in determining the relative importance of quality characteristics of the software under evaluation. This information is then used to combine the results of applying the metrics to arrive at an overall evaluation of the components and ultimately the system as a whole.

It works by presenting users with pairs of characteristics to elicit which of the two characteristics presented they consider to be more important (or whether they are equally important). The users' responses are recorded as an ordered list of characteristics reflecting the users' beliefs. This improves both efficiency and accuracy in the process of ordering a (potentially) long list of items

This tool will be very useful in other large-scale evaluation projects. In addition we feel that it could also be a useful support tool in other similar tasks where a human is asked to give a subjective judgement of the relative merits of a large range of items (for example certain types of examination script, or social sciences data).

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