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Parmenides concept monitor

The "Parmenides Concept Monitor" is an interactive module that monitors the popularity of application-specific concepts derived from a document collection as the collection accumulates or changes over time.

The "Parmenides Concept Monitor" receives as first input a set of concepts or concept combinations discovered by the RELFIN-Learner from a document collection characteristic for the application. These concepts do not characterise the collection but are representative of document fragments, which correspond to in-document topics.

The "Parmenides Concept Monitor” receives as second input an accumulating collection of documents, partitioned in time intervals. It identifies changes to the popularity of in-document topics and to the strength of the correlations among them. It encompasses different criteria for change detection and an alert mechanism.

The "Parmenides Concept Monitor" has an API to the RELFIN-Learner, used to read the input set of concepts. Documents input to the "Parmenides Concept Monitor" must have been linguistically pre-processed using the modules of the Parmenides system, as required by the RELFIN-Learner and the RELFIN-Annotator.

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