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IBR algorithmes

An algorithm for the generation of new images was developed. The algorithm starts from a sequence of images taken by a camera, which either moves sideways or rotates around a fixed point in space. By sampling strips from frames in the sequence, where the strip position varies as a function of the input camera location, the algorithm generates images, which describe how the scene looks from new positions in space.

The new images thus generated correspond to a new projection model defined by two slits, called the X-Slits projection. In this projection model every 3-D point is projected by a ray defined as the line that passes through that point and intersects the two slits. The intersection of the projection rays with the imaging surface defines the image.

By simple manipulations of the strip sampling function, we can change the location of one of the virtual slits, providing a virtual walkthrough of a X-slits camera. All this is done in real time and with phote-realistic quality. These qualities make the technology unique and potentially useful for real time applications of image based rendering.

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