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Sound results

The importance of sound in enhancing sense of presence was investigated by augmenting the different scenarios with sonic cues.

Several multichannel soundscapes were designed, using sounds recorded in different locations and spatialized in an 8-channels surround sound setup.

Results confirmed the importance of auditory cues to enhance sense of presence when added to visual cues. Guidelines were provided concerning sound design for virtual reality.

In identifying distance and location cues of different objects, visual cues were dominant versus auditory cues, however auditory memory of objects present in the scenario was stronger than visual memory.

Dynamic sounds enhanced navigation and immersion, especially in static scenarios such as the photorealistic ones present in this project.

To analyze the importance of interactive sounds controlled by subjects, a footsteps synthesizer based on physical models was designed. The synthetically generated footsteps sounds were created in real-time while subjects were navigating in the VR environment wearing sandals enhanced with pressure sensitive sensors.

Results show that self produced sounds significantly enhance sense of presence.

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Aalborg University Copenhagen
Lautrupvang 15
2750 Ballerup COPENHAGEN
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