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Ant-based routing for monitoring: a prototype

AntPing is a prototype for ant-based management of virtual paths in the Internet. It can be used both for establishment, maintenance and monitoring the quality of the paths. The purpose of AntPing (ant-based routing and monitoring system), is to demonstrate a working implementation on a software based IP router. The implementation is based on Click, a modular software router. The prototype is running on home routers (LinkSys) with open wrt Linux distribution, and is using hping3 as an API for socket programming.

The routing is used to establish, maintain, and monitor virtual paths through a replication of the Telenor core Internet backbone topology. The demonstrator visualizes the inner workings of the ant algorithm by animation of ants moving and dropping in the network, and topology changes like link and node failures and restorations. In addition, the changes in cost values of each virtual path are plotted as a function over time.

The AntPing are demonstrated in R&D colloquia for researcher and network operators, and for a graduate student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Further work on AntPing might include potential refinement of method and prototype for larger scale network.

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