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P2P search in unstructured networks

Immune based search algorithm is used to develop an efficient search algorithm upon unstructured peer-to-peer networks.

The efficiency arise from the two-fold strategy taken
- Devising a fast propagation scheme of the query message packets, and
- Arranging the peers to form clusters of peers, which host similar data so that the search operation can be consequently speeded up.

To design faster propagation of message packets, we use concepts from the proliferation and mutation mechanism operative in natural immune systems. The rearrangement of peers is devised in such a way so as to build memory within the P2P system, whereby, the search operation becomes faster when it is repeated over several times.

The software package implementing the above algorithms are available in BISON website with full documentation. Besides the algorithms, rigorous theoretical results explaining the reason behind the efficiency of the algorithms has also been done and is available in the deliverables published.

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