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Innovative technology for nano-structured micro parts fabrication by high-density powder metallurgy using nano-phased powder TRIBO materials

Innovative technology for nano-structured mini-parts (power chain bushings and washers) fabrication by high-density powder metallurgy was developed. The technology ensures to achieve density of 7.7-7.75g/cc for powdered steels. Surface nano-structuring was performed by novel impregnation and surface deformation methods. Both high tribological properties (low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance) and high accuracy of components produced is achieved. Large scale manufacturing technology was elaborated.

The nano-structuring operations and whole high dense Powder Metallurgy Technology route were elaborated in detail. The new design of nano-structured self-lubricating chain bushings with edge cones was developed and impregnation technology was elaborated. The solid lubricant surface modification of high dense washers was applied. The exploitation tests of new nano-structured mini-components were performed. The application potential of two nano-structured mini-components in Europe is about 2-5mln pieces per year

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