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Software for prediction of wear behaviour and durability analysis

IfU has developed a software application of modern simulation methods for solution of various problems related to tribology and durability analysis. Among them there are the following problems, which were solved:

- Strength Analysis for Turbine Blades After Building Up Restoration (coating deposition, coating destruction);
- Stress Analysis of the Glue Layer between friction parts in Knee Joint Model Under different boundary conditions and loads;
- Dynamical Analysis of the bearings with Respect to their Wear;
- Wear of cutting tools for machining.

This software application is based on finite element analysis method. The main approach applied for simulation of tribological problem of LTS (wear behaviour and durability analysis of butterfly valve) is application of finite element analysis method to simulate dynamic behaviour of real valve (contact stresses, friction coefficient, contact temperature, etc.). The main goal is to replace expensive tribological trials of butterfly valve by virtual experiments allowing choosing correctly the coatings to be applied under specific exploitation conditions.

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