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Experimental data on the micro-properties of the coatings deposited by different technologies and on their tribological behaviour

Wear and friction tests have been applied to materials developed in the frame of the project with a wide range of conditions covering:
- typical working conditions of components of end users of the project. This implies the choice of counter-face materials, contact pressure, speed, and temperature
- other generic conditions to be able to widespread the results to other applications.

Tribological tests included:
- Friction behaviour test.
- Erosion resistance test.

Friction behaviour of the various coatings developed was assessed; the assessment was made on 2 genuine tribometer allowing performing test with different loads and with different working temperature. An adapted test bench was used to assess the behaviour of new coatings when submitted to solid particles erosion with different impingement angle

- it was shown that there were discrepancies between the different powders tested, and that some of the powders developed for the project conducted to improved friction behaviour

- in the particular case of erosion tests that cannot be performed with a standardised apparatus benchmarks were chosen among already existing materials.
The first results obtained are encouraging:
- among materials tested, some of them match the objectives defined in the project in term of low friction or in improved erosion resistance.

Results have now to be confirmed on optimised materials and also real parts

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