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Eco-efficient prototypes and concepts for surface and cylindrical grinding processes

Within the scope of the Engy project Danobat investigates technologies to decrease the energy consume of grinding machine or to use new eco-efficient technologies of grinding.

--Investigations about eco-efficient lubrication in guides. The first step has been to analyse the commercial solutions of guides system without lubrication. The second step is to analyse the possibility to use the technology of coated tools actually used for milling in guides. The object is the same than in milling, decrease friction and decrease wear, but the application is different: guides system with high damping for grinder machines.

- Machine adaptation for industrial grind - hardening. Danobat has built a system to use coolant to cool the wheel but at the same time to dry it. The result is that the wheel is cool but at the contact point between de wheel and work-piece the heat is very high. A termography to demonstrate what has been done, and a test to demonstrate the improvement of the system in the grind hardening final results.

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