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Eco-efficient prototypes and concepts for surface and cylindrical grinding processes

Within the scope of the ENGY project the University of Bremen (UoB) investigates technologies for the effective and resource saving application of coolant. As approaches to the reduction of the use of coolants advanced strategies for the coolant supply by different special nozzles were investigated. The more effective supply of coolant promises the distinct reduction of the coolant flow rate (l/h) and therefore of energy needed.

UoB performed a wide range of tests. It was shown that the coolant supply conditions and nozzles are specific for the particular process. Therefore, an equipment was developed which enables the quick change of coolant nozzles and to retrieve the specific coolant nozzle position adapted to the grinding process. On the sector of energy savings when applying coolants UoB showed that bypass-systems are more effective for the control of the coolant flow rate than the control by valves directly in front of the coolant nozzle.

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