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Grinding and grind-hardening process monitoring and control

UoB together with IFW is working on the development of an in process or post-process control system of the grind-hardening process. For the development of a process control system for grind-hardening the knowledge of the relationship between quality properties and process signals, as there are grinding forces, acoustic emission, power and control signals is required.

The grind-hardening machine tool of UoB was equipped with a rotating Dittel M-sensor for evaluation of correlation of acoustic emission to the grind-hardening results in order to provide IFW with data.

While IFW is more focused on the processing of AE-Signals UoB is engaged in correlating power and force measurements to the achieved quality in term of the hardness penetration depth. The investigations proved correlations of grinding power and grinding forces to the grind-hardening quality

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