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Conceptualisation of improved grind-hardening processes

University of Bremen (UoB) investigates the grind-hardening process for surface grinding with conventional grinding wheels. Grind hardening is an innovative method to combine the machining of workpieces by grinding and the heat treatment of these parts. The heat treatment step is achieved by utilizing the heat produced during grinding to generate the metallurgical transformations necessary to harden the material. The quenching of the workpiece takes place by the component itself respectively by the use of coolant lubricant. The introduction of this hardening method enables energy and cost savings by a distinct reduction of the process chain for the manufacture of high valuable steel parts.

UoB performed a wide range of test parameters in order to develop suitable machining strategies (including the use of coolant lubricants) and to determine effective grinding tools. Results refer to:
- suitable machining parameters in term of cutting speed, infeed and feed rate which enable a hardness penetration depth of > 0.5mm,
- strategies for the application of coolants,
- set-up of a test rig (grinding tapered workpieces) for shortening the definition of machining parameters for the grind-hardening process by.

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