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Mobile measurement system

On the one hand the most industrial grinding machines have no possibility to measure important process data so that the optimisation potential is limited. On the other hand there is nearly no easy-to-handle-equipment, which allows a measure of important process data directly on the production machines. Especially with regard to the goals of this project the knowledge of this important process data is required.

In order to meet the requirements of this project it is necessary to have a detailed knowledge about the process behaviour, which can be evaluated by detecting the grinding forces, spindle power or feed-time-diagram. Moreover, a direct comparison of fundamental tests with real industrial grinding operations is necessary in order to find the fastest and most practical way of optimisation.

With the developed TYROLIT mobile measurement system this gap can be filled. The mobile measurement system allows a portable and flexible recording and evaluation of the mentioned process properties during grinding on nearly every grinding system. Further advantages are an easy handling and transportation by using an adapted attache case.

Important hardware elements are a portable computer notebook with an integrated A/D converter, an amplifier, an electrical current probe (clamp-on ampmeter), a LVTD (displace measurement), a main adaptor and a magnetic tripod. All components are controlled by a special designed software program.

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