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Process set-up: in-process evaluation of material removal rate inflicted quality losses

In grinding the process time is mainly depending on the chosen material removal rates. During the Engy project it was shown that in an overall balance, high material removal rates are favourable in terms of eco-efficiency. Hereby economic and ecological goals can be perfectly combined.

Nevertheless, too high material removal rates negatively inflict the subsurface integrity of ground parts due to thermal loads. Therefore a monitoring tool would be desirable which allows distinguishing between damaged and undamaged workpieces in-process.

To achieve this goal, IFW has used acoustic emission technology and developed new filtering and signal processing methods. Hereby it is possible to use a very small-scale test-matrix to identify grinding burn or tensile residual stress in the subsurface area. By this strategy a quick and cost efficient process set-up can be realized, using a common measurement technology without any need for further measurement equipment or evaluation time.

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