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Penetration compensation in dressing

In the field of grinding and dressing monitoring and control, IFW did various grinding and dressing experiments to investigate the potential to achieve faster processes with a predicted surface quality.

Using a state-of-the-art rotating dresser with spread or set diamonds, applying a constant infeed every dressing stroke; it needs several dressing strokes for the grinding wheel removal to remain at a constant level. During this time, the grinding wheel topography is not the final and desired one. Due to less removal, the diamonds tend to flatten instead of breaking out, so especially for rough grinding, the wheel has less material removal potential.

At the final and desired dressing strokes, the envelope shapes of the dresser and the grinding wheel are penetrating themselves. The penetration depth has to reach a certain level before getting constant dressing conditions. A compensation strategy of this penetration depth was developed to get a constant dressing process within the first two dressing strokes by an increased infeed at the second dressing stroke. A few reference measurements have to be done using an AE sensor before knowing the final penetration depth. The compensation strategy saves grinding abrasives and also dressing time and therefore energy.

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