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Optimisation of hydraulic system

Hydraulic systems are used for many different applications in machine tools like hydraulic drives for main and infeed movements or clamping devices for slides, workpieces or workpiece handling. The low part volume and the high power to weight ratio compared to electric drives are main reasons for the use of hydraulic components. On the other hand hydraulic systems are generally characterised as systems with a low degree of efficiency, sensitive in case of dirt and high heat generating.

The efficiency of the often-used hydraulic systems is quite low. In some operations, a large flow rate is required; at other operations, a high pressure with a low flow rate is needed. The design of the hydraulic system considers the maximum of both.

Two possibilities were found to reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system:
- Use of two pumps: One Motor can drive two pumps, one for high pressure and another for high flow rates at low pressure. These two pumps can be coupled by a valve to avoid the installation of two hydraulic circuits
- Use of storage of high pressure: High flow rates required only at short times. Storages offer the design of a hydraulic system with a pump of a smaller flow rate. The pump will work in an interval mode.

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