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Infrared snapshot camera

The infrared snapshot camera is the second product of the TECH TIR project. The technology utilised for its production is developed by the consortium; the main characteristics are the thermoelectric sensor, the piezo motor, the HDPE objective, the design assembly. The image is obtained by the linear scan of a two columns TE array.

The movement of the array is guaranteed by the piezo motor and the image is properly collected onto the pixels by an HDPE objective. The design assembly guarantees the proper collocation of all the components and the external package suitable for various applications. In fact, the main applications of the product are the surveillance and the security market, which involves the commercial, residential and industry fields.


A spectrum of applications was fully analysed and outlined and the system specifications were drawn. Regarding the components, a low-cost optics was designed and manufactured; a compact actuator motion module was designed, manufactured and demonstrated.

The front-end electronics was designed, manufactured and tested, the single element TE sensor was successfully tested and expected performance was validated. The vacuum package was designed and validated with a reference sensor. The TE sensor array was designed, manufactured and tested. However a problem related to the VLSI design was found, which prevented the reading-out the sensors signal. The problem was fully analysed and corrective actions were determined.

Some image reconstruction algorithms were developed, implemented and tested and several camera packages were designed using virtual prototyping tools to fit different product configurations.

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