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Yielding knowledge on Seamounts - hidden oases in the deep ocean

Document is an 8-page brochure describing the OASIS project and seamounts in general

Seamounts are offshore mountains rising steeply more than 1,000 metres above the abyssal plain. Standing isolated or as part of a chain of undersea elevations, their summits do not break the ocean surface. The hard substrates on the tops and flanks are made up of ancient volcanic rock and crusts rich in precious minerals. Tens of thousands of seamounts are estimated to exist world-wide most still undescribed by science.

The OASIS project (OceAnic Seamounts: an Integrated Study) is the first European scientific seamount study integrating physical, biogeochemical and biological research. Its primary goal is to assess the ecosystem at and around two chosen seamounts. The scientific knowledge gained here will be integrated in ecosystem models and applied to developing concepts for seamount conservation. Further, site-specific management plans for potential seamount marine protected areas will be developed and presented to stakeholders. OASIS involves scientists and institutions from several west European countries.

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