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D5.3: Report on liaison between 6NET and Euro6IX

The 6NET and Euro6IX projects both focus on large-scale IPv6 deployment, but for different market segments. 6NET is deploying an IPv6 infrastructure in an academic research environment, with a high-capacity native IPv6 backbone spanning many countries. Euro6IX is deploying a number of pre-commercial IPv6 exchange points (IXs), with relatively lower connectivity speeds between the IXs.

The projects work closely together and exchange information freely (as witnessed by this common Deliverable). This Deliverable describes areas in which they have identified some potential common activities.

It also includes:
-·The minutes of two joint workshops that have been held (March: Madrid and June: Limerick). Plans for future joint events (workshops and trials) are given.
-·Potential plans for interconnectivity between the projects, and shared external connectivity (including to the Far East and Internet 2).
-·General areas of potential collaboration, identifying the activities in each project where these activities are carried out, and the people/organizations who may liaise between the projects.
-·Specific trials and scenarios for collaboration, focusing on areas where trials can be established and run between one or more partners on each project.

We expect the plans presented in this document to evolve as the projects proceed. This document is a starting point for collaboration, both between the projects and beyond. We expect the collaboration results to date, and future plans, to be reviewed at the next joint 6NET-Euro6IX workshop.

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