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D5.4.x: Dissemination activity report

Yearly summary report of activities undertaken by the project related with the dissemination activity.

The Euro6IX project started its activity even before it started officially on January 2002, with several important dissemination activities. The website was created also just before the start of the project and is both IPv4 and IPv6 compatible with an access to all latest IPv6 related information, the public deliverables of the project and links to all important IPv6 related activities known within IST and other foras.

The results of the project have been presented in several international events. The complete list of attended conferences and events, trials carried out, and practical experiments, is available in this document. Euro6IX project also took active role in the clustering events and is one of the driving forces in organizing the IPv6 Cluster project demonstration booth in IST2002.

Global IPv6 Summits organized around the world are considered as a good platform to reach the targeted audience for the Euro6IX project and hence the project has participated in almost all IPv6 Summits. The IPv6 Task Force is another important group where Euro6IX project members are active in achieving consensus based IPv6 development and deployment discussions and have contributed to several strategic documents.

The close collaboration achieved between 6NET and Euro6IX was clearly demonstrated during IST2002 with a collaborative work in providing the European wide native IPv6 connectivity among the partners to demonstrate the IPv6 applications. Euro6IX project is also very active in standardization activity in IETF and RIPE groups. The project proposed neutral exchange based address allocation system to RIPE.

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