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D1.1 Project Presentation

This document is a summary of the Euro6IX project more relevant information, including the objectives, technical approach, key issues, and expected impact. Includes also the list of participants.

The first objective of the Euro6IX project is to research an appropriate architecture to design and deploy the first Pan-European non-commercial IPv6 Internet Exchange (IX) Network. It will connect several regional neutral IPv6 Internet Exchange points across Europe, and achieve the same level of robustness and service quality as currently offered by IPv4 Internet Exchange Networks.

The second objective is to use the deployed IPv6 IX infrastructure to research, test and validate IPv6-based applications and services.

As a third objective, the network built within the Euro6IX project will be open to specific user groups (existing and to be created), who will be connecting to the Euro6IX network by means of a variety of access technologies - mobile, xDSL, cable - and internetworking with legacy IPv4 networks and services, to test the performance of future IPv6 networks, and non-commercial native IPv6 advanced services and applications.

The fourth objective of the project will be dissemination, liaison and coordination with clusters, fora, standards organizations (e.g. the IETF and RIPE) and third parties, with particular consideration for inter-working and coordination with peer projects, such as GEANT, 6WINIT, LONG, MIND, 6NET and any other projects related to our work, that might be available during the Euro6IX project lifetime.

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