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D3.3.x Network usage

Deliverables D3.3.x will be produced every month, and this document is the first one of them, corresponding to month number 7 (July 2002). The deliverables have been produced in the context of activities A3.1 and A3.2.

Activity A3.1 covers the deployment of the local networks attached to the different Euro6IX IXs nodes. Activity A3.2 deals with all deployments related to Euro6IX Backbone network.

As a first approach, the structure of these network usage reports is the following:
- First section (Current Network Status) is intended to clarify which links have been already deployed and which concrete networks have been attached.
- Second section (Network Stability and Global Traffic Reports) is intended to show the reachability of all network sections as well as a global view of the total traffic exchanged in Euro6IX network.
- Third section (Detailed Network and Services Usage in Events/Trials) is intended to show and analyse the traffic produced in some internal trials and in all public events where Euro6IX contributes in any way.

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