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D5.5: Report on the Euro6IX/6NET Workshop

The 6NET and Euro6IX projects both focus on large-scale IPv6 deployment, but for different market segments. 6NET is deploying an IPv6 infrastructure in an academic and research environment, with a high-capacity native IPv6 backbone spanning many countries. Euro6IX is deploying a number of pre-commercial IPv6 exchange points (IXs), with relatively lower connectivity speeds between the IXs.

The two projects 6NET and Euro6IX both have as a common objective the dissemination of results related to IPv6 technology, standards, coexistence and transition, applications, internetworking and interoperability, users requirement, constraints, research activities related to deployment issues, among others. In this context, both projects had organized a joint workshop at Limerick, co-located with Terena conference on 5th of June, in collaboration with IPv6 cluster facilitated by 6LINK project.

This report summarizes the result of this workshop in Limerick on 5th June 2002.

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