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D4.9p: 3rd "trials and evaluation" report

The four main objectives of the Euro6IX project are:
1) To research an appropriate architecture, to design and deploy the first Pan-European non-commercial IPv6 Internet Exchange (IX) Network
2) To use the deployed IPv6 IX infrastructure to research, test and validate IPv6-based applications and services
3) To open the Euro6IX network to specific user groups and
4) To do dissemination, liaison and coordination with clusters, standardization bodies and standards organizations.

In order to fulfil the second of these main project objectives, several trial activities (Internal Trials and Public Trials) are scheduled on a yearly basis. These trials are organized and carried out in Activity 4.3 of Work package 4. This document describes the organization, realization and the results of the 3rd Year Public Trial event, which was scheduled for Month 42 of the project lifetime (June 2005) and was realized as Milestone 4.9 in the form of a very successful demonstration at the Global IPv6 Summit 2005 in Barcelona/Spain during June 2005.

The structure of this deliverable D4.9p 3rd Trials and Evaluation Report is as follows:
- Chapter 1 introduces the 3rd Year Public Trial and clarifies the objectives of this kind of public trials.
- Chapter 2 contains an overview about the general approach of the 3rd Year Public Trial and the preparation of these trials
- Chapter 3 enhances this deliverable with a detailed description of the shown demonstration scenarios of the Global IPv6 Summit 2005 Event (including the achieved results).
- Chapter 4 concludes this deliverable D4.9p with a short summary of the 3rd Year Public Trial and some lessons learned during preparation and realization of the "Global IPv6 Summit 2005" demo.

In summary, it can be said that the 3rd Year Public Trial of the Euro6IX project contained besides a very sophisticated IPv6 network set-up, a bunch of very interesting and successful IPv6 scenario demonstrations. The 3rd Year Public trial highlighted the achievements of the Euro6IX project and attracted the attendees of the Global IPv6 Summit 2005 Event very much. Hence, the objectives of the 3rd Public Trial, as written down in the Technical Annex of the Euro6IX project, have been fully met.

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