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D2.2 Specification of the backbone network architecture

This deliverable represents the final result of the work done in the context of the A2.2 activity inside the WP2 in first year of the Euro6IX project.

The A2.2 activity has the main objective fixed in the design of the Euro6IX backbone network. Once the IX model to be implemented was chosen in the six months of the Euro6IX project, A2.2 covers the way to interconnect the different Euro6IX Exchanges (IXs), and the routing policies of the whole Euro6IX backbone. Deliverable D2.2 aims to give the technical basis needed for the design and deployment of the routing policies needed for the Euro6IX backbone.

After a presentation of several IPv6 backbones, a comparison between IPv4 and IPv6 backbones, and the explanation of the objectives of the Euro6IX backbone, several sections complete this document.

First section (Chapter 2: Study of IPv6 IXs Models) covers the architecture of the different IXs models proposed since the beginning of the Euro6IX project.

Second section (Chapter 3: Backbone Euro6IX Network Architecture) contains the information related to the implementation of the routing policy applied to the Euro6IX backbone.

At the end, the third section (Chapter 4: Interconnection with other IPv6 Backbones) is focused in the different connections between Euro6IX partners and external networks, such as 6NET, 6Bone, etc.

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