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D3.5: Final report of Network activities 2005

This deliverable summarizes the efforts and activities related to the maintenance, operation, issues and evolution of the Euro6IX network platforms in order to intensify the trials during the extension of the project.It includes also the activities related to the deployment of an IX Services provision system, three advanced Multimedia Services over IPv6 Multicast SSM enabled sites and trial experiences such as an IPv6 WiFi ISP and external parties trials.

This document describes the main activities developed in the Euro6IX project extension (January to June 2005) in order to keep the Euro6IX network operational, provide new advanced network features as widely as possible in the Euro6IX backbone such as the Multicast SSM support, develop advanced end-user applications using advanced network features and perform internal tests and trials with external users.

In order to have a complete picture, it is highly recommended to review the following Euro6IX documents:
- D3.3 Statistics, management and security control systems Development,
- D3.4 Final Description of overall Network Architecture implemented.

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