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D4.3p 1st "Trials and evaluation" report

This document describes the overall trial scenario of the 1st Year Public Trial of the Euro6IX project that was scheduled at the Madrid 2003 Global IPv6 Summit during May 2003. Because of the actual lack of big numbers of Euro6IX "native" customers the 1st Year Public Trial was realized as a big trial at the GIS2003 event that attracted lots of visitors of the conference as well as the representatives from the European Commission and from other European projects. This deliverable D4.3p describes the trial activities of the 1st Year Public Trial in more detail and shows, how these activities are related to the special conditions of the Euro6IX networking scenario and which project results were shown within this public trial.

In summary it can be said that the 1st Year Public Trial of the Euro6IX project contained besides a very sophisticated IPv6 network setup within the GIS2003 conference hotel, lots of very interesting and successful IPv6 applications, network and service trials.

The 1st Year Public trial highlighted the achievements of the Euro6IX project and attracted the attendees of the GIS2003 conference. Hence the objectives of the 1st Public Trial, as written down in the Technical Annex, were met.

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