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D4.9 3rd internal trial report

This document summarizes the 3rd and last Year Internal Trial of the Euro6IX project. Lots of investigation activities with regards to IPv6 network services and applications in an IPv6 IX based backbone network have taken place in the first, second and in the third year of the project and a subset of them has been compiled and demonstrated in several events as the "3rd Year Internal Trial", which was realized mainly during the months October and November 2004 (M4.6). This deliverable describes the trial activities of the 3rd Internal Trial in more detail and shows, how these activities are related to the special conditions of the Euro6IX networking scenario.

The four main objectives of the Euro6IX project are, as indicated in the Technical Annex:
1) To research an appropriate architecture to design and deploy the first Pan-European non-commercial IPv6 Internet Exchange (IX) Network
2) To use the deployed IPv6 IX infrastructure to research, test and validate IPv6-based applications and services
3) To open the Euro6IX network to specific user groups and
4) To do dissemination, liaison and coordination with clusters, fora, and standards organizations.

In order to fulfil the second of these main project objectives, several trial activities (Internal Trials and Public Trials) are scheduled on a yearly basis. These trials are organized and carried out in Activity 4.3 of Work package 4. This document describes the organization, realization and the results of the 3rd Year Internal Trial, which was scheduled for Month 39 of the project lifetime (March 2005) to Milestone 4.6 and which was already realized mainly during October and November 2004.

The structure of this deliverable 4.9 "3rd Year Internal Trial" is as follows:
-·Chapter 1 gives a short introduction to the 3rd Year Internal Trial and clarifies the objectives of such kind of internal trial.
-·Chapter 2 contains a short overview about the approach to this trial and a table of the chosen and later on realized trial scenarios.
-·Chapter 3 is dedicated to the Time Planning, Preparation and the Realization of this trial.
-·Chapter 4 enhances this deliverable with some remarks respectively the results, conclusions and identified open issues.
-·Chapter 5 contains the annex of this deliverable 4.9 and illustrates the trial scenarios of the 3rd Year Internal Trial in more detail.

Since this 3rd Year Internal Trial has been the last internal trial activity within the Euro6IX project context it can be stated from the today's status quo of the Euro6IX project that the method of an internal trial series was well chosen and successful in order to demonstrate and illustrate the achievements of the project.

Once more these 3rd Year Internal Trial highlighted the comprehensive possibilities for interesting and new IPv6 Networking Services and Applications in an IPv6 IX based Networking Environment, as it is given with the Euro6IX backbone

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