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Web based public participation Geographic Information System concerning Mediterranean land degradation risk

The result is an Internet based Public Participation Geographical Information System (GIS) concerning land degradation and land use change in the Mediterranean climate region of the European Union.

The base of the system is a Unix server running the Apache Web Server and the servlet container jakarta-tomcat. The system is held together via PostNuke - a Web Content Management System written in PHP (a language for generating dynamic web content). The main components of the system are:

Data Viewer - a GeoTools-lite applet running in a Sun Java enabled browser that communicates with a MySQL database running on the server via a servlet. This enables users to explore input data and model results.

Data Commenter - this uses the data viewer and enables users to add comments about data layers.

Fuzzy Inference tool - an applet that enables users to develop fuzzy models.
Neural Network programs - written in Java, these are feed forward multi-layer perceptrons with optional genetic algorithm initialisers.

Java Grids Package - a package of Java code for the manipulation of geographical raster data.

Customised PostNuke site - the default Web Content Management System configured to communicate with the MySQL database and manage the information content of the site.

Dissemination and use potential:
The first beta version of the system has been operational since june 2003. Since then, there has been a rapid development of web based GIS and considerable changes in standards for information exchange and web accessibility. This result was already effectively a prototype and it demonstrated one way forward, however, because of the way things have gone, it is not likely to be something to survive in its entirety.

Despite this, the main components of the Synoptic Prediction System (SPS) that have been developed (3, 4 and 5 from above) are far from obsolete. Indeed they offer a generic technology that can be very useful for future GIS development.

Key innovations and features of result:
It is the SPS components that are the most important features of this result. They are ope source and available to all.

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