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Demo-tool for dissemination

To present the results of Greenveins project in public there was a need to create a suitable demonstration tool.

Basic requirements, which the demonsration tool should meet, were:
- Presentation of data of all LTS's together with scenarios which will show how the change of key factors affects the biodiversity for each LTS;

- Ability to use user-defined parameters in the model to simulate relation of species richness to their changes;

- To use such technological solution which will allow public availability of the tool and its easy use.

To fulfill these requirements the Internet-based solution seems to be the best approach. The functionality of created internet application can be divided into two groups:
- LTS-oriented: The user can view basic information of each LTS and there are also available graphs showing predicted change of species richness as a result of independent change of every single key factor in predefined steps.

- Simulation with user defined parameters: The user can enter his own changes of key factors (effects) - either as absolute or relative values and the application will compute the predicted changes of species counts in all species groups.

Technological solution:
The developed Internet application is cross-platform, built only by using basic HTML, pregenerated images and client-side scripting. This allows simple integration to existing WWW presentations without any special requirements for the WWW server (operating system etc.). Since there is no server sripting used the application can be also used in offline mode (e.g. from CD) without any restrictions of functionality.

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