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Evaluation of well being, quality of life and functionality in frail elderly

This work package addressed physical activity, psychological well-being, quality of life and links with functionality in the frail elderly. The study provided the largest European data set on objectively measured (accelerometry) physical activity in older people aged 70 and over.

This was accompanied by estimates of mental well-being and quality of life through standardised questionnaires. Older people have very low levels of daily activity, particularly at a level of intensity that would improve health. This indicates that there is a lot of scope for programmes and policy designed to enhance walking and other forms of activity. Mental health is weakly and positively related to daily physical activity.

Qualitative and quantitative data showed that engagement in the standardised exercise training programme improved aspects of mental well-being. It was seen as a very positive experience by participants. However, we found no evidence that the programme outcomes translated into greater levels of daily activity. Further analyses are currently being conducted as agreed in the initial contract. More research is needed to assess determinants of daily physical activity and physical independence in this population. Results are summarised in a dissemination document made available to leading non governmental and governmental organisations concerned with the health of elderly people.

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University of Bristol
Centre for Sport, Exercise and Health, Tyndall Avenue
United Kingdom
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