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Peer reviewed paper: Eakatele pakutavad sotsiaalteenused ja nende kättesaadavus Eestis

Estonia is participating in the European FP5 project CARMA (Care for the Aged at the Risk of Marginalization) project with two partners - Estonian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and the Tartu University Hospital for Internal Diseases.

The project lasts from 2003-2005 and its main aim is to develop directions for avoiding marginalization of the aged. In the year of 2003 a research was carried out within the project of CARMA.

The aim of the research was to describe the social- and health care services provided to the elderly and their caretakers, the conditions for accessing the services, the biggest problems in connection with this and the possibilities to improve the situation here in Estonia.

In the research following social services, the availability and propable problems were dealt with: counselling service, day centres, care home service, welfare services for the demented respite care, social housing service, sauna and shower service, laundry service, meals on wheels service, the possibility for subsidised meals, discounts for technical aids, customised accommodation services, asylum service, transport service. To prevent the marginalization of the aged their needs have to be addressed more specifically, more and different services are needed.

The funding of the services needs to be more flexible and the cooperation between healthcare and the social welfare needs improvement. In addition to this the families who take care of the aged, need more sufficient support.

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