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Documentation of services for reintegration of the aged in Austria

The report gives a detailed overview of the present services (2003) for older people in Austria; this includes mobile health and social care services and Day Centres for seniors. In addition, we mention services like meals on wheels or other community based support services for older people, which are designed to enable older people to stay in their communities when they are in need of care and help. Institutionalised long term care that tends to create so called "total institutions" (1961) is explicitly excluded from this overview.

First of all we give some context information about the demographic development and the financial situation of the aged in Austria.

We explore how the provision of these services is organised; give quantitative information about the number of persons being served, the number of personnel employed and the costs incurred to the clients. We also document the access to the services from a client's perspective.

We try to give a picture of the present situation in Austria, which is a rather difficult task, since the nine provinces in charge of the social services for the older people operate on different legal bases and consequently offer different service profiles. Further, the statistical information available is heterogeneous across the provinces and not comparable.

In general this report looks at the available offers and their costs from a potential user's view, thus we neglect questions of the provision costs or the providers' or administrations' view of the whole system of care for the aged.

The report is concluded with the identification of three main problems of the Austrian health and social care system.

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