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Documentation of services for reintegration of the aged in Norway

The document includes an overview of the welfare model and the health care for the elderly in Norway. Part of the content: The Norwegian welfare model History - development of the welfare state in Norway, The classical period of the welfare state 1945-66 / 1966 to present, Home based nursing, Principles of developing open care- the LEON principle, Demographics: Population foundation, Demographic challenges, How about the future?, Immigration, Pension System, National insurance, Retirement pension, Contract pension (CP), Disabled pension, Labour market pensions,

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Formal care, Man-labour years executed in the municipal nurse- and care services, Kinds of care services offered, and kinds of occupational involved, Informal care, Informal network, What tasks does the informal network perform?, Living arrangements.

OTHER OFFERS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS: Volunteer organizations, Volunteer bureau, Welfare service centres for the elderly.

INTERVIEWS’ WITH 10 PERSONS: Status of Norwegian geriatric care, Challenges and needs in the future, The relationship between public and private care.

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