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Recommendations for a new set of rules and regulations

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in co-operation with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), performed a study into the vulnerability of all 16 UK sector and 5 Norwegian FPSOs. All FPSOs were identified as having a medium (29%) to high risk (71%) of shipping critical amounts of green water on board from the side of the vessel (wave heading 15 and 30 degrees from head waves).

This makes clear that FPSOs designed according to present class rules and regulations, still suffer from green water and wave impact loading damage. Taking into account that FPSOs are generally designed to withstand the loads related to events that occur once in 100 years, the fact that most of the above mentioned FPSOs suffer this type of damage within 2 years after their installation in the field, makes clear the importance of the problems.

Based on the developed new methodologies for prediction of green water and wave impact effects and the formulated design and operational guidance, recommendations for new standards (rules and regulations) for floating offshore structures will be made.

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