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Full scale trial data

SES had initially planned to do the sea trials onboard their Air Supported Vessel (ASV) prototype, but because of some unfortunately delays in the building process, they had to look for an alternative solution. SES will therefore first perform some sea trials onboard a conventional high-speed catamaran, and later perform the trials onboard the ASV prototype. The first sea trials onboard a conventional catamaran (apporx 40m LOA) will take place in April 2004, and will be carried out on the west coast of Norway. The vessel is operation between Trondheim city and Kristiansund. The vessel has a seating capacity of approx. 280 passengers. The passengers include comuters, tourists and occasional travellers.

SSRC in collaboration with other partners have created a comfort data sample for a 177m long conventional cruise ferry operating in the Baltic Sea between Stockholm and Helsinki. The distinguishing features of this dataset is the simultaneous measurement of physical parameters (global ship motions, local vibration and noise) and human response; relatively long stay of passengers on the ship; balanced sample of passengers with respect to gender and age. The database comprises of response from 1333 passengers collected from 4 voyages of 16-hour duration. The dataset covers detailed record of global ship motions over the entire journey. The local vibration measurements (covering a wide spectrum of DC-130Hz) provide a representative coverage of the whole ship over different journeys. Noise levels in the vessel are derived from several local noise measurements distributed over the entire vessel.

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