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Improve passenger services

Passenger services were improved all around on the basis of the results of the modelling tool and the use of onboard integrated passenger comfort tools for ship operations. This combined software/hardware tool is a combined system integrating the motion sickness assessment software and the on board measurement systems which provides an onboard continuous measurement of the ships’ motions, vibrations, temperature, air quality as well as the observation/prediction of motion sickness/passenger comfort on various locations of the ship board. The system also includes decision support systems (developed within COMPASS) for the captain to take right actions to reduce the discomfort.

The motion sickness and passenger comfort model is integrated with hydrodynamic and design tools and it provides a unique environment to assess and optimise the design with reference to motion sickness and passenger comfort. Because of the integrated optimisation, the best overall performing design can be selected very quickly.

It is an ideal tool for design activities of consultants, designers and shipyards. New Motion Sickness and Passenger Comfort standards are human orientated and designed specifically for sea transportation and valid for wide range of vessels including Cruise Vessels, Ropax, Mono and multihull HSC. It is believed that these standards will lead the industry to a different era and Classification Societies, health and Safety Executives as well as IMO will be targeted to introduce these in the marine regulatory framework.

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