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A professional and known FIT website with reference documents

The FIT website ( is the basic tool for dissemination and communication. The FIT website contains the 6 consultable databases, the co-membership, the presentations of the International Symposium on Safe and Reliable Tunnels (Prague 2004) and the technical reports. The reports are available after registration as a corresponding member.

Also 6 months after the official contractual end date of FIT, the FIT website welcomes about 1500 visitors per month and about one new corresponding member per day.

The FIT website will continue to exist for at least 2 years after the contract date, containing the different reports, databases and articles. However, the static part of the website will not longer be filled up with new information. To avoid this inconvenience it is being evaluated to make a link to the future COSUF website or to have a reduced FIT presentation page including the major output of FIT in that website.

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