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Six consultable databases on fire and tunnel

As an essential step towards achieving the objectives, FIT has introduced six consultable databases on fires in tunnels. The six databases are on-line and can be consulted at the FIT website

Database 1: RTD on fire safety in tunnels
Database 2: A mapping of tunnel test site facilities
Database 3: Overview of numerical computer codes for tunnels fires
Database 4: Data on safety equipment in tunnels
Database 5: Assessment reports on fire accidents in tunnels
Database 6: A mapping and overview of upgrade activities on tunnels

The databases collect essential information on fire and tunnels: the aim is to provide information, improve knowledge transfer, enhance to collaboration and support benchmarking to the experts on fire and tunnel. For instance, the listing of all research projects with objectives or achievements should improve synergy and avoid duplication; the presentation of numerical models should improve selection and benchmarking.

The databases will stay on line as long as the FIT website is operational. This means that the actual content remains available for registered corresponding members. The addition of new information and especially the approval of this information by the database managers is no longer guaranteed. If no solution can be found for the management of the information, the databases will probably be closed for access of new information. This item has to be dealt with in the future to avoid that the database is spoiled. As BBRI is database administrator, this problem can be solved. The databases can be made available to COSUF. Some problems need to be solved related to the physical transfer and the follow-up of the databases.

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