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A general report with the general approach to tunnel fire safety and technical reports on design fire scenarios, fire safe design and fire response management

The General report presents the outcome of the FIT activities. After the introduction of the FIT Network, the general approach to tunnel fire safety is presented. This chapter can be considered as a strategic introduction to the consecutive safety aspects and the integrated approach to safety in tunnels. It introduces the highlights of the technical reports of the FIT network with the executive summaries on design fire scenarios, fire safe design and fire response management.

The Technical reports on the FIT workpackages presents the detailled reflexion and results of the network on the items in more then 450 pages state of the art research work. The reports are available from the FIT website after registration as a corresponding member.

Technical report Part 1 Design fire scenarios describes recommendations on design fire scenarios for road, rail and metro tunnels. Design fires to cover different relevant scenarios (e.g. design fires referring to the evacuation of people, design fires referring to ventilation purpose or design fires referring to the structural load) are presented and recommended.

In Technical report Part 2 Fire Safe Design, a compilation of relevant guidelines, regulations, standards or current best practices from European member states (and important tunnel countries like e.g. Japan and USA) is given. The analysis is focused on all fire safety elements regarding tunnels properly said and are classified according to the transport nature: road, rail and metro.

The occurrence of a fire in a tunnel provokes a need for response from the tunnel users, the operators and the emergency services. The Technical report Part 3 Fire response management presents the best practices which should be adopted by these different categories to ensure a high level of safety.

The reports will be available on the FIT website. As a dissemination activity the General report will also be distributed by E-mailing to the corresponding members and it will also be made available at the COSUF start-up activity end of May. The reports are high quality state of the art reports and will be used by the tunnel and fire community for reference and consultation. The large dissemination strategy should guaranty this.

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