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A successful joint FIT-DARTS-UPTUN conference held in February 2004 with about 250 participants: 1st International Symposium “Safe & Reliable Tunnels”, Prague 2004

Three major European projects, known by their acronyms DARTS, FIT and UPTUN, are running under the auspices of the European Commission (DG Research, GROWTH Programme). These three projects joined forces in a common symposium to disseminate the important achievements and ongoing developments within these projects in the service of society.

The FIT-DARTS-UPTUN 1st International Symposium was held on 4-6 February 2004. The objectives were the presentation and the discussion of finalized draft documents to a large public and a forum for discussion and amendments. The symposium was a successful event that attracted more than 250 participants from over 30 countries for a two day active discussion and dissemination of latest research achievements and ongoing developments in the tunnel safety field. The symposium dealt with the three transport modes (road, rail and metro) and all aspects relating to designing, building, maintaining and upgrading of tunnels and tunnel structures, including human behaviour and hazards, were addressed in an integrated way.

The symposium offered latest research results and state of the art overviews with high quality presentations from research, consultancy, industry and governmental organisations. Three panel debates were enriched with the active contributions of the symposium participants. A special poster session gave an overview of all European research projects on safety and tunnels (FIT, DARTS, UPTUN, SAFE-T, VIRTUAL FIRES, SIRTAKI and SAFE TUNNEL) illustrating again the importance and scale of the research activities being developed at present.

The follow-up of the 1st International Symposium Safe & Reliable Tunnels is a list of contacts, the proceedings and presentations and the opportunity to set-up a second Symposium Safe & Reliable Tunnels to present future research results, for instance of UPTUN and Safe-T. The proceedings and presentations and photos of the symposium are available on the FIT website for the co-members in order to assure a large dissemination.

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