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Test facility related to DSG in parabollic trough solar collectors

Parabolic trough collectors are the most mature technology for large scale solar electricity production as demonstrated by the 354MWe operating since a decade in California. Those systems use thermal oil to transfer heat from the collectors via suitable heat exchangers to a steam turbine power plant.

Significant cost reductions, performance improvements and environmental benefits are expected from direct steam generation (DSG) in the absorber tubes, avoiding the intermediate heat exchange, eliminating temperature limitations imposed by the thermal stability of the oil, and reducing the pumping power required for the solar field. During the projects DISS and INDITEP, technical feasibility of the DSG process has been proven and the basic tools and components to design and implement a first DSG demonstration plant have been developed. However, there is still room for significant improvement of components and O&M processes related to DSG plants. Development of new components and/or O&M process require the availability of a life-size DSG test facility where they can be tested under real solar conditions. Such a DSG test facility is now available at the Plataforma Solar de Almería, which is owned by the Spanish CIEMAT, and it is the result of seven years of R+D work. This is the so-called PSA DISS Test Facility.

Companies and/or research centers performing activities related to the DSG process could use the test facility offered here to test their developments or products in order to qualify them under real solar conditions.

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