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WP(2) Dissemination - Web page

The website consists of a public area with
- General information about the project and the consortium.
- A public forum.
- A public list of references (publications) and documents.
- Events and links about bio-energy.
- Frequent asked questions section (FAQs).

There is also a private area (protected by username/password) with:
- Management the access to the private area.
- Detailed Information about the partners.
- A private forum.
- A private list of references (publications) and documents, and an upload section.
- A private planning tool to plan meeting, short terms and deliverables.
- Access to the first prototype.

- This website is very important for the dissemination of the Echaine results and for receiving feedback from the community working on energy wood.

Key innovative results:
- A web GIS application is implemented at the web pages.
- It is aimed for analysis of energy wood issues.
- There is also an analysis tool for socio-economic analysis implemented.

Expected results:
- Web applications can be used for other projects as well and that way be considered an exploitable result of Echaine. Current status:
- The web-page has been active in 3 years now.
- The structure is well defined and flexible.
- It is possible to modify and ad modules for future needs.

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