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WP(11) Software development

The aim of this work package is to:
- Present a technical description of a web based query tool for the ECHAINE project, - Report the descriptions and solutions for the ECHAINE final GIS Version Tool (Software).

Results - Query tool: - The query tool offers on-line access through the internet to a GIS system that contains data about energy wood production and its conversion to energy. Through the query tool decision makers can base their decisions regarding energy on the results of a multi-dimensional analysis of diverse energy chain options from an economic, market, policy, environmental, technological and socioeconomical perspectives.

The query tool requires three elements:
- Network Architecture,
- A GIS solution,
- A database.

The network architecture establishes how the different components of the query tool communicate with each other.

The GIS will provide a service to present data in maps, in order to be able to make a spatial analysis. The database will contain all information about energy wood production and its conversion to energy. Results - Final GIS version.

The category of the deliverable 33 is software. The aim of this document is to report the descriptions and solutions for the ECHAINE project concerning to the Final GIS Version Tool. This tool is an instrument to manage the data of the work packages of the project, based on the web technology and on the GIS technology to simplify the access to the information, and to get an overview of the situation in the European countries about the energy wood. The capability of the GIS technology to show results in a graphical way will be useful to identify the data and to analyse the results.

On the other hand the web technology will allow sharing the data from different sources of information and years in the different European countries.

Key innovative results:
The final GIS version uses an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) as a base to evaluate a multi-criteria analysis. - The base of this analysis is a questionnaire with one hundred questions developed within the work package 7. - The analysis is based on experiences of stakeholders and decision makers about energy wood in 10 European countries. - Nevertheless, the same study could be easily applied to other European countries. - The analysis is available via web on the private area of the project web site, and covers the most relevant socio-economic aspects of energy wood, and all the technological aspects are based on open source technologies. Current status: - The web application is running. - The application is based on open source resources - The basic structure is flexible and it could be modified for different purposes.

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