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Information on the performance of gasification tests

Within the project BTG evaluated the suitability of different crops in a ‘standard’ fluidized bed gasifier. Based on the properties of the energy crops, the results gained in this project and experience from other projects, it is believed that this approach (energy crop – standard fluidized bed) will not lead to commercial feasible operation.

The high minerals content (and in particular Cl) may cause bed agglomeration on the short or longer term and relative low temperatures must be maintained. Low gasification temperatures will result in a ‘dirty, tar-rich’ gas, which needs severe cleaning.

BTG expects that for a commercial system minimum requirements are:
- Minimum capacity of 1-2 t of dry biomass per hour to be economic feasible
- Robust (at least 6,000 hrs of operation must be feasible)
- Multi fuel system (reduced dependency on one specific feedstock, and most likely even not limited to energy crops –yields may vary substantially per year)

To fulfil these requirements BTG has started the development of a multi-step gasification process. In this process biomass is ‘vaporized’ at low temperature, and subsequently the vapors are converted into a clean gas. Initial development work has started in May 2005. Experimental work has started recently on a scale of - 20kWth.

The low temperature part is based on BTG’s pyrolysis process; the high temperature part strongly relates to BTG’s earlier work on catalytic tar reforming. Therefore, the time-to-market is expected to be relatively short.

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